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High-quality yarn series


High-quality yarn series


Chengfeng brand yarn is well known all over the world





Product specifications
All cotton woven compact spun 20 counts~220 counts;
All cotton knitted compact spun 20 counts~120 counts;
All cotton knitted ring spun 20 counts~80 counts;
Cotton/modal blended sirospun/compact spun 20 counts~100 counts;
All modal knitted/woven sirospun/compact spun 30 counts~100 counts;
Polyester staple fiber blended compact spun/ring spun yarn 20 counts~100 counts,
High-end all polyester yarn 30 counts~100 counts,
High-end all polyester thread 40/2~100/2;

High-end and high-count cotton bunchy yarn J50~J100 counts;

High-quality cotton yarn J32~J80 counts;

Supplier: Chen Cheng: +86-17755611112

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