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      近些年来, 365bet加快了企业转型升级步伐,通过延伸产业链,形成产业协同发展新格局;通过实施信息化、智能化建设,搭建工业化和信息化为一体的管控平台;通过广泛开展技术创新和管理创新,打造企业竞争新优势,让365bet之树常青。



Speech  of  Chairman  of  Board

Dear Friends:

        Welcome to Anhui Huamao Group!

        Time flies, with the 60-year-endeavor of the generations of Huamao people, the Anhui Huamao Group has become a large enterprise group owning textile industry chains covering cotton, spinning, weaving, fabric, garment, non-woven fabric, etc. from a small mill weaving grey yarns and grey fabrics.

        We will always remember that in these years we have been getting the support from the government, the shareholders of all the levels, and the benefit from the full trust of the customers and from the devotion and contribution of Huamao people.

       Huamao has been adhering to the "Quality first, Customer first" business philosophy for decades, carrying forward the four big disciplines such as  "Safety quality labor and organization" and “Strict, Diligent, Uniform, Modest” company spirit, cultivating the spirit of craftsman, implementing the fine management, pursuiting product perfection and has formed a brand culture of "fine quality as the soul".

        In the recent years, Huamao has speeded up the pace of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and formed the new pattern of coordinated development of industry by extending the industrial chain; Huamao has built the control platform that industrialization and information as an organic whole by implementing the Intelligent information technology construction; Huamao has built a new advantage in enterprise competition by extensively technical innovation and management innovation and made “Huamao tree” evergreen.

        Looking ahead, we will take "Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open, Sharing" the five development ideas as the guidance, commit to producing high quality products green products wisdom products, continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness, realize enterprise sustainable development, reach the communion, co-construction, and the whole sharing between the enterprise and employees, shareholders and the society.


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